Relating to the supply of the service by Supreme Travel Ltd (the “company”), the following are the terms & conditions:


You must show your ticket as you board. You will not be permitted to use any service of the company unless you have a valid ticket for the day you wish to travel. Passengers found travelling without a valid ticket will be charged the full fare.

Departure points and times:

The company endeavors to provide departure points and times for the service which are as accurate as possible. However, the company reserves the right to vary such departure points and times without notice, as circumstances require.


The company reserves the right to deviate from the route of a service in the event of marches, parades, or where reasonable prudent to do so in the light of circumstances beyond the company’s control.


For safety reasons you are required to remain seated on the upper deck while the bus is in motion. As we operate a hop-on hop-off service, seats cannot be guaranteed on either deck.


Only in the event that the company is unable to operate a service, you shall be entitled to a full or part refund of the price of your ticket.


The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the bus.


Due to prevailing weather conditions and bookings, we may change the vessels and the routes. Any clients visiting Comino island, are advised to bring adequate footwear and take caution when exploring the island.