Malta is one of the homes of the so popular iGaming industry. Over the past 10 years, this branch of the industry has experienced tremendous growth. 10% of Malta’s total GDP comes from iGaming companies. There are now 300 companies, 500 gambling licences, and 8000 professional choices in the sector.



iGaming is growing and thriving all over the world. Malta was the first to join the EU and maintains its competitive position in iGaming very well. There are many new directives in gambling online. Malta is working hard to maintain its jurisdictional advantages. It naturally wants its existing businesses to remain on the island.

The licences are maintained by the MGA. This is the Malta Gaming Authority. This Authority has developed new initiatives that generate support from the iGaming industry. Malta as iGaming is known worldwide. Why is that?

We found the following reasons for this

  • The MGA has a clear and fast licensing procedure.
  • The regulatory framework is robust.
  • The legislation is solid but flexible.


This is one of the reasons why large multinationals such as Microsoft have been attracted to Malta. Fiscally, Malta is attractive, it is easily accessible, it is highly educated in the field of iGaming and the online casinos with Maltese licences have clear rules on fraud and money laundering.

The iGaming industry is doing what other industries would like to do, which is to create a large Entertainment industry. An industry that never seems to lose its power. iGaming is certainly not unique to Malta, it is a global phenomenon that has a major driving force.

iGaming worldwide.

Worldwide, iGaming brings in almost €250 billion, and more and more people around the world are signing up online. The MGA was quick to adapt to this industry, with new trends, new rules and ever-changing casino players. It is significant that you remain flexible. You have to grow with this industry. Something Malta clearly understood.



There is a giant growth in Maltese iGaming with people working in this industry. This includes working in auditing, web hosting and especially a lot of legal work.

Offer of casino games online


The offer of the well-known casino slots is also growing enormously worldwide. You’ll never get bored in a casino in the different sections the casinos offer. Like the lotteries, the sports betting, the live casino, the table games and the game shows. Furthermore, live-streaming in the online casino business is experiencing unprecedented growth.

Mobile gaming


The iGaming industry is easy, flexible and moves with the times. You can now visit online casinos not only on your laptop but also on your mobile. There are many apps that make it possible for you to play whenever you want and wherever you want. Something that was a big advantage during the pandemic. During the pandemic we shifted our entertainment to technology, television, and gaming. After all, we could no longer leave our homes. The gaming industry was booming during the corona period.