childrens activities Malta

If you’re going on holiday to Malta with the kids, you’re in the right place. If you are looking for kids activities in Malta, read this article because we will give you some great tips on how to spend a fun day with your kids in Malta. There are many attractions that the little ones can learn a thing or two from and have a lot of fun with. Take your pick and ask us how to get there!


Mediterranean Marine Park has been around since 1997 and is the largest animal park Malta has to offer children (and their parents). Here you will learn about exotic animals, such as parrots, as well as sea creatures: dolphins and sea lions.

The park is located on the coast and has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and because the weather in Malta is almost always good, you can visit the park all year round. The programs offered by the park are mainly educational in nature. You will see how the animals in the park are well cared for by the caretakers who are closely involved with the animals. The animals are trained, and the caretakers make sure that they get the necessary exercise.

In the park you will find different programs such as the interactive program and swimming with the dolphins. We are happy to give you more information. Send us a message!

Playmobil Park

The Playmobil park is the perfect opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon with your children. In a safe but super fun environment, children can play with various life-size figures from Playmobil. Imaginative play is a fun activity for children and the Playmobil fun park for kids is that ideal play area. Everything there is all about the details. Let the kids have fun with the educational toys that suit the needs of the child.

Splash & Fun Water park

The main water park in Malta consists of two parks:

Fun Park

This park is specially designed for the little ones. You will find merry-go-rounds, bouncy castles, motorcycles, bungee jumping, trampolines and much more.

Water park

Again, there is a section for the little ones. You will find a shallow dinosaur park and the land of Splash. Around it are sunbeds where parents can snuggle up while keeping an eye on the kids. You can also take a rubber band into the lazy river and float around the entire park.

For older children and adults, there is a wave pool, a pool with water slides (not for people with heart problems). The most spectacular slide is the Black Hole with a drop of 12 meters.

A great experience for the whole family, Splash and Fun is not to be missed!

Popeye Village

The film set of the musical “Popeye,” released in 1980, is a well-known attraction in North Malta. The set is built in a bay with crystal clear water. Especially for young children, the film set is fun because Popeye himself is there and makes appearances. There is a small water park for the kids and the houses offer activities. The film set is open all year from 10:00 to 18:00.